The line Naa Sheka pronounced. (NAA – SHE – KA) Naa Sheka is a traditional “Ga” name from Ghana, West Africa. Its true meaning is “Lady Money”.  Naa Sheka reflects the richness of African culture through clothing styles, which are produced in a socially conscious manner.

Designer Naa Sheka Riby-Williams grabs your attention with vibrant designs and textiles of West Africa. Inspired in Ghana and currently based in Vancouver, BC, Naa Sheka Fashion was established in 2007. Naa Sheka traveled throughout Ghana and was fascinated by the detailed and authentic textile. The style of fabric caught her eye. She decided to create a fashion label that integrated these traditional textiles with the rich history of Ghana. This fusion has created a uniquely sophisticated yet practical line.

Naa Sheka Fashion is socially conscious and provides jobs to locals.  Products include recyclable bags, to help maintain an eco-friendly environment.  Trendy yoga mat bags and colorful tote bags are available and can also be found in listed retail outlets.  Our collection consists of authentic jewelry hand made in Ghana.

Since all of our manufacturing is done in Ghana, Africa we provide a steady job for the local talent.  Our staff not only gets to showcase there work, also have full time employment to help improve lives in a developing world.  Every one is paid fair and there education for children is also provided.



During our last visit to Ghana in 2018 we decided to help support a school outside of the capital city of Accra, Ghana.  We donated a pencil and notebook to each student in the school.  After meeting with the headmaster and teachers we compiled a list of needed items for the school and students.  Some of the items include books, water stations for washing hands, toiletries. Eventually we would love to provide some computers for the students so they can access the internet !

After committing to help the school, we then decided we are going to donate % of profits from the sales of our book bags to help provide the students with school uniforms and book bags.

To learn more about our Program “School Books to Ghana” Click here


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